Collecting and Allocating Biospecimens Policy

    The HTRC policy regarding the procurement and release of biospecimens is mandated by the University of Chicago. All biospecimen distribution requires a signature by the individual who submitted the request.

    Please CLICK HERE to read the Institutional Policy Regarding Biospecimen Allocation and Collection.

    Service Request Policy

    Billing is submitted at the completion of services. All requests are handled in the order in which they are received. It is the responsibility of the investigator to manage his/her own time to ensure deadlines are met. A re-stocking fee will be applied to any samples and/or slides not picked up within 90 days.

    Scheduling and Usage Policy

    All users must be trained by an HTRC staff member prior to use of the equipment, regardless of experience. Any usage of equipment should be scheduled using the online scheduler. If equipment is being used without a reservation, the user will be prohibited from using this equipment in the future. You may not begin using equipment until the start of your reservation. Once your session has ended, you must cease all use of equipment or make a new reservation (as available online). The user that made the reservation is the only individual that may use the scheduled equipment. No user substitution is allowed. All users are responsible for disposing of waste, trash, and biohazardous materials in the proper receptacle. HTRC staff should be notified if a user has been injured during use of the facility's equipment.

    Damage Policy

    Should an investigator intentionally cause damage to any object at the facility, including (but not limited to) laboratory equipment, computers, instruments, the PI under whom the user is working at the time of damage occurred is responsible for funding replacement or repair of the object at the discretion of the Faculty Director.

    Please CLICK HERE to read the HTRC Usage Agreement.

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