Welcome to the Human Tissue Resource Center

The mission of the HTRC is to provide investigators with a centralized infrastructure to optimize the efficiency and costs related to research involving biospecimens. The HTRC occupies 2,500 square feet of remodeled space within Pathology and functions as an integrated unit. Thus, duplication of personnel, equipment, and information systems are avoided, and coordination of activities is assured.

The HTRC now comprises four integrated facilities: Biospecimen Bank (BSB), Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM), Digital Pathology and Histology (including immunohistochemistry).

Currently the HTRC provides services for the collection of clinically-annotated human tissues, PBMC, saliva, and other requested body fluids. In addition, the core also provides services for tissue microarray (TMA) construction as well as cryostats and digital imaging for investigators use. In this way, the HTRC provides a coordinated, centralized, and dedicated program for the procuring, processing, dispersing and assessing all types of biospecimens together with downstream histology services.





We have a new LCM system from Leica, LMD 6500.
Please check the LCM services page for more information.

New prices in effect as of July 1, 2013. Please see Fees page for updated billing sheet.